Thrift Store

We are open to Public!

Check us out for our Clearance Winter Sale!

The Thrift Store had outstanding sales in 2017!

There has been a surge in donations including a huge batch of new school uniforms from a local Uniform Shop . Thrift Store manager Karla Coley, Thrift Store Associate Janice Steimle and Thrift Store Receiving Susie Mindingall, along with the wonderful volunteers like Dorothy Foran, Therese Lawrence, Abigail Shuford and Luther Homsher sort, tag and keep our store in great shape to promote a pleasant shopping experience for our customers. With the help from 400+ families with over 844 donations, CSS Thrift Store was fortunate to help 326 individuals, 8 families with home fires, 4 victims of the Florida Hurricanes through Direct Aid and St. Margaret’s Services. We just had a floor renovation for our Furniture Room and we are looking forward to additional improvements.
Thank you so much for your support.