Lift A Burden

The following are stories of real clients served by Catholic Social Services. Each person’s need has been vetted by our staff, who meet with clients individually (to protect their privacy, we have changed their names). Many of our clients have emergency needs, and so we have tried to help right away, “borrowing” on the generosity of our community of donors. We explain to clients that our funds largely come from donations, and we ask them to write a thank-you note to those who help. When you “Lift a Burden”, we will forward their note to you. Thank you so much for any help you can give.

“Janet” is a single mother of four. She has been working, but just found out that she is one of the employees to be laid off because of her employer’s cut-back operations. She was not able to pay her light and gas bills and needs $185 for light and gas to stay on for the next month until she can find a new job.

“Barbara” has a job, but after her hours were cut down, she has had difficulty keeping up with her bills.  With her current situation, living with her mother was her only option. She is now trying to save to get a new place for herself and for her three kids. At the same time, she has a Power bill due for $279.  She can pay $200 toward the bill, and needs $79 to be up to date.  If you can help Barbara with the $79, please click below.

“Sara” has an eleven-year-old daughter who has medical issues. Sometimes she would miss a day or two at the call center where she works to take care of her daughter.  Recently, she had to miss two weeks without pay when her daughter was rushed to the emergency room for complications.  She has a water bill due for $110, if you can help with this burden, please click below. 

“Vanessa and William’s” power has been cut off.  They have six children. She works in a restaurant and her husband works in lawn care.  It has been difficult for them trying to keep their family in a neighborhood that is safe because of the higher rent.  For them to decide whether to pay the apartment first or the bills was a tough decision to make. They agreed to pay the rent in order to keep their apartment, but their electricity got cut off, and the family is in the dark with no electricity and nowhere to cook food.  They owe the electric company $250.  Please donate below if you can help life this burden for Vanessa and William.  Thank you.

“Katrina” is a single mom of 2 young children, 8 and 6 years old, who recently lost her job. She has found a new job, but got behind on her bills, and needs $150 to get her electricity turned back on for her family.

“Robert” is a 57-year-old male who lives by himself in a one bedroom apartment. He works as a packer in a factory.  He took a 10-day-leave without pay from his job to go to Ohio for his father’s funeral. He got behind with his bills and needs help in paying for his medication.  Robert needs $90 towards his medication.