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Catholic Social Services, in the Archdiocese of Mobile, is an organized expression of the Church’s concern for social justice and well-being. As such, all activity is to mirror the loving care and concern of Christ for those in need. We evidence this first as professional providers of both direct and indirect services. At the same time we are called upon to act as effective advocates, leaders, prophets and consciousness raisers.


National Anthem at the Biscuits Game!!



On August 26, Patty DeBortoli, Megan Gietl, Veronica Kennedy, and Mary Conversino sang the National Anthem at United Way’s Charity Night at the Biscuits baseball game.   As you can tell from the attached link, they sounded great!  Thank you Jimmy Hill, President and CEO of River Region United Way, for allowing Catholic Social Services of Montgomery to participate in this special event.

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